Booking Cheap Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the pleasure capital of America. The city, founded on a huge Nevada desert plain as a gambling town in the mid-50s has long since transformed itself into a holiday destination for singles, couples, tour groups and families. With hotels, theme parks, and the all-pervasive casinos on the famous Strip, Las Vegas offers a huge variety of entertainment. Often the city gets packed through the weekend with vacationers. With Vegas hosting many concerts and sporting events all year long, room rates tend to shoot up during these periods, along with weekends and New Year. Here’s what to look for when booking your hotel rooms for that dream Vegas trip.

Go Online- but Verify!

There’s no two ways about it- you can find a very good deal when you book a room online. You can play around with the dates and duration of your stay to see how hotel rates change. Rates are often low a day before the weekend as well as from Monday to Wednesday if it is not peak vacation season. You can book a few months in advance to get really low prices, as hotels discount their rooms to get confirmed bookings well in advance. While some websites include all taxes and charges in their bookings, there could be a catch hidden in the terms and conditions, so be sure to compare final payment prices before firming up your booking. Experienced travelers also recommend calling up the hotel a few days after you book your room and confirm the booking with the staff. This can also be a chance to know if your hotel offers any additional offers or promotions to customers.

Sign up for Hotel Newsletters and Loyalty Cards

Most large hotels in Las Vegas offer free email subscriptions which you can sign up for through their websites. These newsletters offer a sneak peek into discounts offered by the hotel. Sometimes there are exclusive deals for subscribers. Another option is to sign up for Loyalty programs offered by different hotels. Members of these programs can get an option to stay at discounted rates at different times of the year.

Look for tie-ups with airlines and other service providers

Airlines with major operations in Las Vegas often have sizeable tie-ups with hotels in the city which travelers can avail while booking their flight ticket. These deals are not usually available to travelers who have booked on a different airline. Also, these deals often do not show up on online hotel booking websites so they tend to go under the radar of a lot of people. Senior citizens can check out AARP recommended hotels and compare with online prices.

Marquee Hotels have Great Deals too

It’s a misconception that the large casinos and hotels of Las Vegas keep their rates high to attract the high rollers. These hotels lose money if their rooms are not filled quickly, and with thousands of rooms in each marquee hotel, big discounts are often offered to get footfalls. Staying in the largest hotels of Las Vegas can be an amazing experience for tourists. These hotels have a lot of room types, from presidential suites to deluxe rooms, so don’t be afraid to call them up, email or check out their newsletters for any deals they might be offering.