Booking Cheap Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the pleasure capital of America. The city, founded on a huge Nevada desert plain as a gambling town in the mid-50s has long since transformed itself into a holiday destination for singles, couples, tour groups and families. With hotels, theme parks, and the all-pervasive casinos on the famous Strip, Las Vegas offers a huge variety of entertainment. Often the city gets packed through the weekend with vacationers. With Vegas hosting many concerts and sporting events all year long, room rates tend to shoot up during these periods, along with weekends and New Year. Here’s what to look for when booking your hotel rooms for that dream Vegas trip.

Go Online- but Verify!

There’s no two ways about it- you can find a very good deal when you book a room online. You can play around with the dates and duration of your stay to see how hotel rates change. Rates are often low a day before the weekend as well as from Monday to Wednesday if it is not peak vacation season. You can book a few months in advance to get really low prices, as hotels discount their rooms to get confirmed bookings well in advance. While some websites include all taxes and charges in their bookings, there could be a catch hidden in the terms and conditions, so be sure to compare final payment prices before firming up your booking. Experienced travelers also recommend calling up the hotel a few days after you book your room and confirm the booking with the staff. This can also be a chance to know if your hotel offers any additional offers or promotions to customers.

Sign up for Hotel Newsletters and Loyalty Cards

Most large hotels in Las Vegas offer free email subscriptions which you can sign up for through their websites. These newsletters offer a sneak peek into discounts offered by the hotel. Sometimes there are exclusive deals for subscribers. Another option is to sign up for Loyalty programs offered by different hotels. Members of these programs can get an option to stay at discounted rates at different times of the year.

Look for tie-ups with airlines and other service providers

Airlines with major operations in Las Vegas often have sizeable tie-ups with hotels in the city which travelers can avail while booking their flight ticket. These deals are not usually available to travelers who have booked on a different airline. Also, these deals often do not show up on online hotel booking websites so they tend to go under the radar of a lot of people. Senior citizens can check out AARP recommended hotels and compare with online prices.

Marquee Hotels have Great Deals too

It’s a misconception that the large casinos and hotels of Las Vegas keep their rates high to attract the high rollers. These hotels lose money if their rooms are not filled quickly, and with thousands of rooms in each marquee hotel, big discounts are often offered to get footfalls. Staying in the largest hotels of Las Vegas can be an amazing experience for tourists. These hotels have a lot of room types, from presidential suites to deluxe rooms, so don’t be afraid to call them up, email or check out their newsletters for any deals they might be offering.

Car Rental Tips

Today, people are increasingly going for car rental services. Whether they need to go for a vacation or have to travel from one destination to another, they choose car rental services.

Hiring a car is both easy and convenient method to commute. You can get a range of cars to choose from. You can get small cars like Indica to luxury cars like SUVs and sedans. However, you should take care of few things before approaching the car rental companies. These are:

Make Proper Search Before Renting: The very first thing that you need to do is search for various car rental companies available in the market. One option would be looking out for the local vendors working in your neighborhood, and the other option is to search online. Searching for a car rental service online is a good option as it saves time and energy, and even you can avail special discounts reserved for online customers. Online browsing gives a choice of comparing rates of different car rental companies; however, you need to take care of various factors like car size, location, hours of operation and more.

Make Advance Bookings: Hiring a car in advance is a very good idea. It is advised that you should try to make a reservation at least a month before your journey, because it becomes difficult to get an appropriate car at the last moment. Furthermore, during peak season, you end up paying more while compromising on size, vehicle choice or more, when you make a reservation at the last moment. As an icing, there are many car rental companies that offer special discounts to people making prior reservations.

Review the Rental Company and Driver’s rating: When you are traveling with a hired car and a driver, it is mandatory that the driver is well behaved and trustworthy. Therefore, it becomes very important to take care of the driver’s review and rating before making a reservation. You can also go through the testimonials and never hesitate to talk to the previous customers.

Get the Car Checked: if you are going out on a distant place through the car, make sure that the car you are hiring is in good condition. There are many online car rental companies that provide the complete detail of the last service done on the car. Even you can ask to check the car before renting it. Also check the accessories of the car like wipers, radio, brakes, seatbelts etc. It is also advised to check the insure coverage of the rental car. Many car rental services have limited car insurance, so if you are going for a longer time period, ask them to get the vehicle covered.

Payment and Fuel Utilization Methods: it is one of the important features that you need to take care while hiring a car rental service. There are two important ways to go about it. You can either take the vehicle as it is and refuel it before returning it to the company or you can pay for the fuel in advance. The second option is convenient and cost effective if you will be able to consume the entire tank. However, if you are travelling for the smaller distance, you should choose the first option.

It is very important that you choose a car that suits you needs and falls within your budget. Taking care of the above mentioned points, you can get a good rental car deal and can enjoy your trip.

Choose the Hotels in Camps Bay

Are you tired of finding out the best hotels at the time of visiting the various places? And now you are incamps bay! Nothing to worry! You have the opportunity of getting the best hotels with the ultramodern accommodation. Exterior decoration matters a lot, but interior decoration and available facility attracts most the minds of visitors. When the entire accommodation and the facilities provided by the hotel authority, the visitors love to stay there.

Finding majestic villas?

The Peninsula Mountain region of Cape Town belongs to a lot of higher quality hotels and holiday homes. The camps bay hotels are so much impressive along with its facilities that all the local and foreign visitors prefer to stay there. If once you look at the interior decorations and the facilities of the hotel rooms, you will understand the demand of it.

You should select camps bay holes for these reasons:

  • Guests can enjoy the mountain and beach view from the hotel itself. The amazing look of the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean is really enjoyable.  The mind blowing beach beauty along with the trendy sunset is really mind blowing. You will get this scenic beauty from the hotels of the bay.
  • Except watching the beach beauty, Mountain View or the sunset enjoyment, you have the option of choosing the stylish interior decorations. You have the fashionable bedrooms according to your choice in the trendiest rooms.
  • The interior decoration of the Hotels in camps bay is really extraordinary. It is suitable for enjoying the most relaxing moments.

Facilities in the Hotels Camps Bay

What is the difference in the hotels of camps bay and the other hotels?  The difference lies in their facilities.

You will get the following facilities in the hotels though they might vary from hotel to hotels.

You will get swimming pool with hot water. You have the opportunity of enjoying swimming without getting a touch of cold. This is a unique facility that you can enjoy here only.

  • The facility of air condition is available in every room that soothes you most.
  • You will get the faculty of modern kitchen equipped with all ultramodern apparatus.
  • For enjoying the relaxing moments, you have the option to play songs with the pre-equipped digital sound system. You can play your favorite video or TV channels on the large TV screen of the rooms.
  • Being an internet savvy, you can enjoy the internet facilities through free Wi-Fi connectivity. Etc. you can enjoy Wi-Fi through your Smartphone or laptops. So, your important works can be continued here without any interruption.

Affordable and Flexible Rates:

The rates of the hotels are also an important part. Get the best apartments at a lower cost. The price of the hotels varies according to the season. So, choose the season according to the budget. Most of the hotels have their special offer-prices according to the season. They have low seasons, mid season, the pick-season and high season. For the best holiday rentals, you have to choose a budget and select the season when you want to visit the bay.

Beautiful Floating Hotels

Floating hotels are a viable option when land is unavailable. Such hotels are not constructed on solid ground, that is to say, they are designed to be positioned on water, through appropriate means of construction underneath so that the building stands in place. Such hotels and cabins are quite common in coastal areas and places with myriad water bodies.

With rising competition, it has become a challenge for hotels to offer the best architecture, views, and services. There are some amazing floating hotels in the world; while some are constructed with extravagant charm, there are others that impress with their simplicity and breathtaking location.

Some of the most beautiful, yet simple, water cabins are located in Varadero, Cuba, and the beautiful islands of the Maldives. The list below presents some of the best floating hotels in the world.

Top Ten Beautiful Floating Hotels

King Pacific Lodge

The King Pacific Lodge is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is a brilliant sight to behold. It is constructed on top of a floating barge amidst the natural wilderness. Particularly famous for fishing, this lodge can be reached by float-plane, and is towed to Princess Royal Island from May to October. It is run by a helpful local couple, and offers innumerable five-star benefits, like suites with king-size beds and hot-tubs, and outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Located in the Republic of Maldives, it is a world away from a world, being one of many thousands of islands that comprise the Maldives. The proximity of the sun and the sea makes this hotel seem like on the intimate coral island in a sparkling lagoon. It offers an exotic experience of diving, swimming, and a myriad other water activities. With secluded decks and complete privacy, this place gives you the ultimate experience of living on water.

The Sunborn London

The Sunborn London is the first super-yacht floating hotel in London. Launched in July 2014, this hotel was originally a 400-foot-long black-and-white super-yacht. It has now been converted into a luxury floating hotel, with 138 huge guest rooms. Some of the rooms have private terraces as well.

Dragon Inn Floating Resort

Also known as Semporna Floating, this lovely hotel is located in Semporna, Malaysia. It is supported by underwater stilts and is built using natural material, like leaf roofs and bamboo walls. The hotel offers unbelievable comfort and provides an unmatched experience of a traditional water-village, for the hotel villas are built like traditional log cabins.

Conrad Maldives

While Maldives itself is a stunning visual treat of sun, sea, and sand, the Conrad Maldives is a luxury hotel on the Rangali Island that stands out among the rest. Located in the Indian Ocean, across two private islands, the Conrad Maldives has more than 50 individual water villas, more than 20 spa treatment cabins, and the most beautiful all-glass, under-ocean restaurant. Watching the lovely aquatic life amidst the dim lights at dinner while hearing the soothing sound of the sea is oh, so wonderful!

Oberoi Udaivilas

Located in Udaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, in India, the Oberoi Udaivilas will make you feel like royalty. Situated in the middle of Lake Pichola, it is a brilliant combination of the ancient and the modern. The interior of the hotel is utterly luxurious and vintage, with hand-painted antiques, well-designed domes, and turquoise fountains. The suites again, are an extraordinary combination of old and new designs, with a private swimming pool. The hotel offers a beautiful view of the City Palace, while the blues and the greens and the myriad hues outside the hotel surpass the palette of any painter.

Punta Caracol

Situated at the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Panama, South America, the Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge is a natural retreat to the environment. It comprises water villas constructed in the traditional method, complete with leaf and bamboo and wood and plants. The natural beauty of the marine life and the magnificent sunsets add to the overall experience.

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa

The Lagoon Resort and Spa in the Bora Bora province of French Polynesia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful floating hotels. The resort contains around 44 over-water villas, combined with simple private balconies and garden retreats. The water bungalows offer incredible diving opportunities, and a magnificent view of the Mount Otemanu. The luxurious spa amenities make this hotel the perfect choice for honeymoon couples.

The Float House River Kwai Resort

Located on the still waters of the river Kwai, in the Kanchanaburi province, it is one of the best floating hotels in Thailand that accommodates more than 28 floating hotels. The hotel was awarded the ‘best floating hotel in Asia’, and rightly so. While maintaining proximity to nature, the Float House River Kwai Resort provides convenience to an abundance of other activities. An aerial view of the water cabins on top of the blue waters and the proximity to nature is breathtakingly divine.

The Burj Al Arab

It is also called ‘the Tower of Arabs’ and is a seven-star luxury hotel. Shaped like a sail and connected to the mainland by means of a causeway, this floating hotel is renowned for its superb hospitality and service. It is expensive, of course, but with a reason. The luxury suites offer an opulent view of the city, the Dubai Marina, and miles of the surrounding sea. The hotel and the surrounding areas are a glistening sight after sunset, like a radiant kaleidoscope of millions of twinkling lights.